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Cairns Live Aboard Diving Trips


4 Day Coral Sea

Spirit of Freedom

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About Cairns Live Aboard Diving Trips

With Cairns’ proximity to the Great Barrier Reef, experienced divers from all over the world often rate Cairns as one of, if not, the best destinations for extended live aboard dive trips. A number of world class dive operators including Spirit of Freedom, Mike Ball, and ProDive all run live-aboard trips from Cairns. Ranging from 3 day/2 night Cairns Live Aboard Diving Trips to 7 night Coral Sea Odysseys there is a live-aboard vessel and itinerary to suit even the most selective of certified and advance divers.

Boasting three separate sites which are commonly ranked in the top ten dive sites in the world (The Cod Hole, North Horn (Osprey Reef, Coral Sea), and SS Yongala Wreck (Located off Townsville), North Queensland is truly a mecca for advanced dive fanatics. For decades advanced level scuba divers have flocked to the azure waters of Tropical North Queensland to partake in some of the most crisp dive encounters available on earth. As such Cairns has become a mature dive destination where only the most professional dive operators can survive in such an experience based and competitive industry.

Whilst advanced divers will probably get the most our of the technical aspects of diving these sites, introductory divers are most welcome and catered for on all of these listed itineraries, and are sure to be blown away by the diversity of these reef systems and marine life that can only be seen by plunging in the deep end. Find out more about learning to dive on a live aboard boat on the great barrier reef.

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