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Foaming Fury – Russell River Rafting

*Barron River Rafting - Half Day

Foaming Fury

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Travel review submitted by A.P. – 18th June 2014 – Foaming Fury – Russell River Rafting

The Foaming Fury bus arrived at The Hilton Hotel at 9.15am prompt on the morning of our trip. Our driver and river guide introduced us to the other passengers and explained our itinerary for the day as we travelled to the Foaming Fury depot.

There we met by our second river guide, and were given safety waiver form to fill in, this was explained clearly to us. When we completed the form; we then had the option of hiring some suitable shoes for our rafting adventure, if required. What a fantastic idea and service as not everyone has the correct shoes, or wants to get theirs soaked. They also rent out warm long sleeved tops for those that need them ,these are just a small fee. Here we paid the rafting levy of $30  and was payable with Credit Card or cash.

As soon as we were all organised, we were on the road towards Gordonvale, and ready for our Foaming Fury – Russell River Rafting adventure. The driver suggested that when we stop at the fuel station that maybe we buy some snacks or food as lunch was a long way off.  I purchased a coffee and a packet of mints, when back on the bus the driver gave everyone a yummy muffin for a morning snack; they also had bottles of water on board.

The bus ride from Gordonvale is only a short ride from Cairns around 35 minutes. Once we arrived at the start point, “The Golden Hole”. Our equipment was distributed and fitted and we were given another run down of  how the day would unfold.

A relatively good level of fitness is required for the 45 minute rainforest walk to the top of the river. We were also required to carry the gear in packs, including our rafts and safety equipment. Once we arrived we went for a short swim and blew up our rafts. we had our second and comprehensive safety brief and given some time to get used to our rafts. The rafts were fun and easily maneuverable.

On completion of our rainforest and rafting day, we were all truly thrilled but tired at the same time. We worked as a team and got our rafts and equipment out of the water and back onto the bus; after having the opportunity to get changed and dry off it was lunch time.

Lunch was served at the picnic ground, and consisted of a nice cold fresh spread including soft rolls, sliced ham, roast beef, chicken and fruit juices. There was plenty to go around and I quite easily devoured my 2 sandwiches and a banana that I had brought with me from home.

Overall we had an excellent day. The guides were very professional and helpful and both enjoyed it as much as the guests. On the trip home everyone was tired and some of us had a little snooze, me included. We returned to Cairns at around 5.30pm. It was a great experience and a wonderful trip, Thank you Faith and the Team at Foaming Fury!

A great idea to take a towel with you and a change of warm clothes for afterwards. I would also recommend taking snacks with you if you are the nibbily type.  The fuel station only stocks the usual deep fried hot counter stuff and pies, chips and chocolate.

This rafting trip is an Eco Accredited trip with a mixture of a rainforest walk and interpretation as well as 3 hours white water rafting.  A fun day to be had by all. Well, minimum age is 13 years old and anyone under the ages of 18 must be accompanied by an adult, reasonable fitness is required.

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