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Great Barrier Reef Reviews

Great Barrier Reef Reviews

Silverswift – Certified Dive Day Trip
Our 2nd site was called Gordon’s, phenomenal. The same easy entry, a very relaxing dive, great guide showing us very cool stuff. This dive had many beautiful swim throughs that we did, just stunning. So great to see the corals so healthy. We had a couple of divers on this dive that were having problems with their ears, but otherwise, everything was fine. The on board photographer swam around talking some very cool photos of Read more>>

Reef Experience – Great Barrier Reef
A phenomenal day travelling out to the reef made more comfortable by the fact that the vessel only had around 65 passengers on board, a vessel that is surveyed to carry nearly double that number. Reef Experience restrict their maximum numbers on each trip to around 90, this makes for a more comfortable trip for everyone. In just over an hour  were... Read  more>>

Tusa Dive – Day Trip
On the first dive we managed to see a little white tip reef shark, which was very exciting. A number of different fish species and a colourful array of both hard & soft corals. After our first dive, we had a short break just to sit back and take in the beauty of the day and the surrounding areas. Then It was back in the water for another dive.

The second dive site was very beautiful it was made up of aRead more>>

Down Under Cruise and Dive –  Cruise/Fly
Our first reef site, Saxon Reef, was thoroughly enjoyable, great weather and lots to see. After snorkelling for a while we went back onto the boat and enjoyed a little lie down on the deck at the bow of the boat. We also enjoyed a good barbeque lunch, with meats, fish, salads and fresh bread. Our second reef site, North Hastings, was just as good as the first if not better. The Read more>>

Seastar Cruises-Sand Cay and Reef Trip
After a relaxing 2 ½ hours a delicious lunch was served. It consisted of chicken, prawns, cold cuts, lasagne, salads, bread and fruit, the boat headed to the second site of the day, Hastings Reef. I have not been on Hastings for a few years now and I was totally surprised by the beauty of that reef. I was the only certified diver doing a second dive and dive-guide Mark almost circumnavigated...Read more>>

Down Under Cruise and Dive
There was many different signage/posters/pictures placed on the walls throughout the vessel, I noticed allot of customers on board were referencing their photo’s against these charts; I felt this was an exceptionally fun way toRead More>>

Passions of Paradise
Once at Michaelmas we geared up for our first dive, the weather was amazing (5 Knots), perfect, so the visibility was about 30 meters and the sun was shining. We arrived at the Michaelmas Cay and got our our snorkel gear and went for a snorkel off the beach. From here we went back to the boat for a delicious lunch including cold meats and prawns. The next location we went to was Paradise Reef, which is another of my favourite locations. Great for snorkellers and…Read more>>

Ocean Freedom-Day Trip
Next was a thorough safety briefing to all, then it was time to relax as we sped out to the Outer Edge of Upolu Reef to experience “Wonder Wall’. There we were lucky to do 2 dives with Leigh who was our personal dive guide for the day. We were very impressed by the variety of corals at this site. Leigh went out of his way to point out the unusual, it was the first time I had seen a…Read more>>

Down Under Cruise and Dive – Osprey V Day Trip
The cert divers were in the water within 5 mins of arriving at Hastings reef. This is the deeper of the two sites (16m) which works well for staying comfortably within your safe dive time/depth ratios. In the 35 minute dive we saw some pretty cool soft and hard corals, heaps of clown fish, a few rays, a reef shark (I was the only one to actually miss the shark…Read more>>

Reef Experience- Great Barrier Reef Reef Experience-Great Barrier Reef trip offer free return transfers  included in the cost of the full day reef trip; I chose to walk to the boat on this occasion. Reef Experience is spacious and comfortable, with around 80 guests on board on the day I traveled.  On the upper deck there is plenty of…Read more>>

Ocean Freedom – Upolu Cay Day Trip The high ratio of crew to guests meant that snorkellers got shown the best highlights of the reef first hand by the staff members in the water. Many guests on the boat had never snorkelled before however….Read more>>

Tusa – T6 – Great Barrier Reef Cruise
Arrived at 7:30am at E Finger for the 7:40am check-in. Morning tea was provided with coffee, tea and large cookies also coffee and tea was provided all day just help yourself. We headed of at 8am with everyone downstairs but the Japanese which were upstairs for the safety briefing which includes asking everyone to take their shoes off. During the brief there was mention…Read more>>

Down Under Dive – Osprey V – Outer Reef Cruise
Check-in commenced from 7:30am at the Reef Fleet Terminal. We were each assigned a safety number which we had to remember throughout the day for passenger identification. Upon boarding we collected our snorkel gear and stored them in our assigned storage locker. General announcements and safety briefings were carried out in the saloon before we could move about the vessel freely. At the first reef site, Hastings Reef, we encountered lots of marine life including…Read more>>

Silverswift – Dive & Snorkel
We made our own way down to the reef terminal for check-in at 8am. Silverswift is a very comfortable boat with lots of different seating arrangements and big sundecks. There are several toilets, hot showers and changing rooms. What I liked about the seating was that it did not look like a ferry like some of the other big vessels do. The weather on the day was…Read more>>  

Silversonic – Dive & Snorkel We made our own way to the marina as we had stayed in Port Douglas the night before. After a smooth and straight forward check in at the Quicksilver shop we headed on down to the boat. We had to wait a little on the wharf as boarding only starts 8:15am sharp.We left the marina at 8.30am on a perfect 5 knots day and headed straight out to outer side of Agincourt Reef, a location only…Read more>>

Deep Sea Divers Den – Sea Quest
Their complimentary hotel pick ups at main city points are at 7:50am and check in for self walk/drive by 8:00am at Marlin Marina Cairns.Once on board I received  tea and coffee and was introduced to the staff looking after snorkelers. I am outfitted with the correct sizes in my gear (I really liked the bootys for under your fins plus a short wet suit no extra charge) . The boat is certainly roomy enough while it ran almost at capacity which is about…Read more>>


Great Barrier Reef Pontoon Reviews

Sunlover Reef Cruises-Pontoon
Optional activities were announced over the speaker and if you were interested you had to make your way inside and find the appropriate crew member. A few people signed up for the Seawalker and a few signed up the for the guided snorkel tour. The pontoon itself is very well equipped. The underwater observatory is excellent as it has a little reef ecosystem visible directly in front of the glass. It is air conditioned and had seating available. Lots of the non-swimmers managed to...Read more>>

Reef Magic Cruises-Marine World
There is plenty of time to enjoy all the offered activities. Semi-sub tours and glass bottom boat tours depart regularly throughout the day. The Reef was in very good condition. There are lots of valleys and drops offs and an abundance of marine life. Roxy, the Maori Wrasse…Read more>>

Quicksilver Pontoon- Outer Barrier Reef
Lunch was very good consisting of cold meats, seafood, salad, curry and rice (meat and vegetarian) bread, fruit etc. At the bar there was chilled water and cordial along with tea and coffee served complimentary throughout the day. After lunch I decided to experience the Semi Sub. The sub was a good half hour long. I found the marine talk to be very interesting. This is great for the non swimmers as …Read more>>

Sunlover Cruises- All Weather Pontoon
So we arrive at the Sunlover Cruises all weather pontoon  for a fun-filled  5 hours, with beautiful sunshine and the water visibility was amazing! A member of the crew issued me with some snorkel gear, and they gave me some handy tips for … Read more>>

Quicksilver – Outer Barrier Reef
I had the pleasure along with my partner Dave, to head out with Sasha on an agents day out on The Great Barrier Reef.We decide to drive ourselves up to Port Douglas to join the boat to avoid such an early morning start. We did have the mis-fortune of a bus having mechanical problems, which delayed our boat departure by 30 minutes. With our departure being at 10:30am the skipper was given the authorisation to pump the boat to 33 knots to…Read more>>

Sunlover Reef Cruises – Outer Barrier Reef Fly/Cruise

It was a beautiful morning to take a flight out to Moore reef. After a safety talk at ground zero it was time to take off departure time 12 noon for a 20 min flight out to Moore reef the flight path was quite direct passing over Yarrabah around Fitzroy island and then out over Sudbury reef and Elford reef. Having seen the reef from the birds eye view it was quite amazing to see how large and extensive the reef network is… Read more>>