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Ocean Freedom – Upolu Cay Day Trip

Upolu Cay Reef Cruise

Ocean Freedom

From $235.00 AUD

Green Island Sail

Ocean Free

From $235.00 AUD

Consultant review by: Christine (Submitted, 5th October 2014) – Ocean Freedom – Upolu Cay Day Trip
Check in at 7.30am right at the boat on A-Finger, friendly check in, people are introduced to the boat, there is a separate door-less cabin upstairs with shelves where guests can store their belongings. Morning tea included tea, coffee and muffins upon check in.The day trip visits 2 locations in one day – Upolo Cay and Upolo Reef, the order of which was depending on the height of the tides.The high ratio of crew to guests meant that snorkellers got shown the best highlights of the reef first hand by the staff members in the water. Many guests on the boat had never snorkelled before however, they were made confident in their new environment.Lunch is a big choice of seafood and cold cuts, lots of prawns, salads and fruit. After lunch guests also can feed the fish with the leftover prawns and prawn shells. There is a whole school of half tame butterfly fish that are waiting for their share of prawns.

The whole atmosphere was very relaxed, people do not feel bossed around. There was more snorkelling in the afternoon, a ride on the glass bottom boat with good commentary, and more food – like cakes, cheese, biscuits on the return trip home.

Sales Points:

Very attentive staff, nobody is left out, good ratio crew: guests, good, fast boat (due to the powerful engines quite loud downstairs in the back), whole boat is accessible when moored – like back, front, top.

Guest Market:

Snorkellers, particularly first timers, intro-divers, everybody that wants to go into the water but is a bit apprehensive what to expect, single travellers that do not really mingle with crowds.


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