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Travel review submitted by S.S. 14th July 2014

It was a friendly check in at the Reef Fleet Terminal at 8.30am. Dan was there to meet us and give us our magic wrist bands which gave us access to some of the optional activities and drinks at the bar. This is a useful way for the crew to identify guests doing different activities.

During the trip over to Moore Reef the crew were very entertaining with their introductions. Optional activities are organised at this point and crew members walk around and speak to everyone about the optional activities available on board.

There is plenty of time to enjoy all the offered activities. Semi-sub tours and glass bottom boat tours depart regularly throughout the day.
The Reef was in very good condition. There are lots of valleys and drops offs and an abundance of marine life. Roxy, the Maori Wrasse is on hand for photographs and a pat.

Wally shows up for the fish feeding and I have to say it was amazing. I have never seen a fish behave the way Wally did. He got up on the snorkel platform which is quite shallow. The top of his head was sticking out of the water, so even the people watching from the pontoon could see. He weaved in and out of people’s legs and wasn’t fazed the slightest.

The pontoon has a sun deck with shade which is an excellent place to lounge after lunch before jumping back in the water. There is also an underwater observatory where you can relax and watch the underwater world.

I got some great photos of the fish feeding activity.

Lunch is served on the pontoon and consists of various salad & cold meats, sushi rolls, prawns and fruit. The only thing you need to go back on the vessel for is drinks from the bar and to go to bathroom.

In the afternoon I participated in the snorkel safari where a small tender takes people to the edge of  Moore Reef. This is a recommended activity for confident swimmers; the swell can be bigger out there – but again, there is amazing coral and big fish out there to see.
The marine naturalist was very knowledgeable and had no problems being heard by the entire group. At the rear of the group there was another crew member to make sure no one fell behind or got caught in the swell. There are guided snorkelling tours available which are not as long in duration and are suited for all levels of confidence including first time snorkellers.

All in all this was a fantastic day out, on the Reef Magic Cruises-Marine World-Pontoon, the the reef was excellent, the crew was fun and attentive, lunch was abundant and tasty. One of my favourite experiences of the day was the fish feeding, the best that I have ever seen.

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