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Big Cat Green Island Reef Cruises

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Submitted by Andrea – 13th April 2013 – Sea Walker Green Island – Big Cat Agent’s Day
At check-in Big Cat cruises provided me with a separate pass for the Sea Walker Green Island – Big Cat Agent’s Day with a designated time to check in. As I was on the island for the full day my appointed time was 1:30pm giving me plenty of time to check out all the other activities on the Island, have lunch and relax on the beach. At 1:30pm I met the Sea Walker crew on the island where I suited up.You are not permitted to take any personal items with you, so will need a locker or leave all your stuff with another member from your party to watch. Underwater cameras are fine to bring along.Once we were all suited up we were in the tender and were transferred out to the Sea Walker pontoon which is about a 5 minute cruise from the island.  Once on the pontoon a crew member goes through how everything will work, all the hand signals whilst underwater and all the dos and don’ts.

We watched the previous group come up before it was our turn. The 40kg helmet is lowered down onto your shoulders via a winch as you climb down a ladder into the water. Once completely submerged in the water you descend the ladder to the sea floor (5 meters) with the aid of a diver.

Once on the floor another diver greets you and guides you over to the photographer. The fish life is amazing and plentiful. The divers have some chum in a little bottle which when squirted makes the fish swarm around you. There is lots of Parrot fish, Bat fish and Trevally. I even got to pat a large Bat fish. The photographer also found a large star fish which you can see in one of the photos.

Once all the photos have been taken the group is then instructed to take hold of the guide bar and then a diver guides us along the sea floor. We walked right up to a coral formation where our guide gave us some shells, bits of coral and a big fat sea cucumber to look at and feel. Visibility was not all that good due to strong winds and there wasn’t any point in walking over to where there was a giant clam. This may have been why I felt the walk was a little short.

Sea Walker only takes a maximum of 8 guests at a time. The whole activity took about 1 hour but the walk itself was approx. 20 minutes. All the medical conditions that apply to Scuba diving will also apply to this activity.


This is an excellent upgrade which is fun and most people would enjoy.

Excellent for those who are a little fearful of giving Scuba Diving a go. Good for passengers   that do not wish to get their  hair or face wet. For the young and young at heart.
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