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Travel review submitted by Dale – 22 September 2014
By 7.50am everybody was on board the vessel and ready for our day out on Seastar Cruises- Reef and Sand Cay Trip.The  boat started heading to Michaelmas Cay, our first destination.

It took only 80 mins to reach the cay and guests took part in the guided snorkel tour or snorkelled by themselves.  Certified divers were transferred  by a dive tender after the dive back to the vessel.

After a relaxing 2 ½ hours a delicious lunch was served. It consisted of chicken, prawns, cold cuts, lasagne, salads, bread and fruit, the boat headed to the second site of the day, Hastings Reef.

I have not been on Hastings for a few years now and I was totally surprised by the beauty of that reef. I was the only certified diver doing a second dive and dive-guide Mark almost circumnavigated a big portion of the reef with me. So I had a wonderful one on one dive guide experience.

There were lots of playful fish, amazingly colourful coral, lots of huge clams and parts of the Reef seemed to be untouched and not visited before. This was one of the best dives I have done in a long time.

I did not take part in the offered glass bottom tour or (they offer a guided snorkel tour at both locations too) but guests on board were talking excitedly about what they seen while participating.

We stayed more than 5 hours in total on the reef and arrived back in Cairns around 4.30pm.


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