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Tandem Cairns – Skydiving

Tandem cairns 2

14 000ft Skydive

Tandem Cairns

From $295.00 AUD

Beach Skydive - 14 000ft

Tandem Cairns

From $325.00 AUD

Travel Review Submitted By Jill – May 2014 – Tandem Cairns – Skydiving

We opted to do self drive and was provided with a great map and directions on how to find the Tandem Skydiving house and check in point for our Tandem Cairns – Skydiving adventure. Leaving Cairns at 10.30am and arrived at our destination just before 12pm.

We were the second lot of people to arrive and the bus from Cairns hadn’t arrived yet so we were able to fill in our paperwork and pay our APF levy before everyone else turned up.

We sat outside talking to everyone and one of the Skydiving crew went through instructions so we were all aware on how to leave the plane and the 2 different ways on how to land. The instructors took time to explain everything clearly. During this time the Tandem Skydiving crew worked out the flight schedules due to weight and if doing fun jumping or Tandem Skydiving.

The people who were on the first plane were harnessed and taken to the field, which is about 5 minutes down the road from the house. They were dropped off and the bus came back for the people in the second and third plane, we were in the second plane. As we self drove, we followed the bus and parked outside the airfield and hopped into the bus and were dropped off to a marque and sitting area.

We were advised the first lot of people were already up and getting ready to jump. We couldn’t see them jump but seen them coming down and land.  The plane flew around in the sky for about 20 – 25 minutes (so a great scenic flight too) as some of the fun jumpers (solo jumpers) were jumping again and the parachutes were needed from the first jump for the second lot of fun jumpers.

During our wait, people who had paid for the photos or DVD or both were being filmed and getting photos taken and the second lot of people were having the harnesses fitted.  As the fun jumpers jump first, the tandem jumpers we were first into the plane, sitting in between our instructors legs. We were gradually rising above the clouds, you could also notice the difference in the weather as it was getting cooler and cooler the further we went up.

During this time the instructors re-check and tightened our harnesses and we put our goggles on.  As we got closer to jumping height, the instructors got us to sit on their knees. Once we got to 14,000 ft the pilot indicated to the instructors and before I knew it the fun jumpers were getting ready to jump then I was being moved and was out the plane.

If it hadn’t happened so quickly I would’ve had a chance to panic and chicken out! The 60 second free fall was amazing and once the parachute was out I could really enjoy the views, it felt really weird not being able to touch the ground. We floated down through some clouds, my instructor took some photos of me and had me practice my landing and before I knew it we were getting ready to land.

Everyone else landed on their feet, me of course landed in the mud! After the landing we could hang around and watch the third plane jump.

All in all an exhilarating and exciting experience!

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