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Consultant review by: Simone (Submitted, 27th February 2003) – Ultimate Kuranda Experience

On a sunny early morning my boyfriend and I got a pick up from the Cairns Village Resort. The bus driver greeted us with our names, because we were the last persons of the group from today. On the way to the train station in the Cairns Central Shopping center our coach driver explained to us what time the train will leave and on which carriage we had to go.

When we check in we got some very interesting brochures about the Historical Train which carried us in about 1 hour 20 minutes up to Kuranda. We had enough time to study the beautiful designed brochures during whilst waiting for the train. The train by itself is very special and you feel like you’ve slid back in time when you sit down in the carriages.

There was enough space for all the people. Everybody had a good view out of the windows. When we left Cairns Central at about 8.30 a. m. I leaned back in my soft seat and enjoyed the drive beside some nice Queenslander houses. On the Freshwater station we made a short stop to pick up some more people.

On the way up to Kuranda I took some nice pictures out of the train. The train stopped than and we had the opportunity to go for a 15 minute walk along a boardwalk. The view to the Baron falls was magnificent. On the way up we also had some nice views of the coast.

We went to Kuranda at about 10.15 a. m. and got picked up by the bus driver who brought us to the Village Kuranda in the Atherton Tablelands. The first heavy rain shower started then so it was perfect timing to shop a little bit in the Kuranda Markets. I bought a nice handbag and was very sad to leave the Markets at 11:45 to go back to the meeting point. They handcraft what they sell in Kuranda and it’s of really high quality and it is also a pleasure just to look at all those nice things.

Our Coach drove us in a couple of minutes to the Rainforestation. It’s an open building with very nice tropical atmosphere, the lovely lunch buffet and nicely set tables were waiting for us. We had two differed types of soup and some bread as a choice for the entrée. For the main course there was something for every one. We could make a decision between meat and seafood, potatoes and a few different types of salads. The dessert was delicious.

Our coach showed us the way to the entrance of the army duck. We got some raincoats and went for an amazing tour on land and in the water with that funny vehicle from the Second World War. The guide explained a lot about plants and animals. I loved the funny and wet tour with the Army Duck. That is a perfect event not only for families but for everybody!

But I had a good chance to make some good photos of the Army Ducks when they were driving behind and in front of us.

Next stage was the Aboriginal Dance Theater Pamagrirria.  We got an information paper about the different types of dances the Aborigines performed for us. It was very interesting to study their movements and their  kind of humor. After the dance performance we went with one of the Aboriginal dancers to a place with a high defense and we got a demonstration about throwing a boomerang. It was very busy but all the visitors got the chance to throw the boomerang at least once.  We also were given a demonstration of how to throw  a spear.

In the nature park of the Rainforeststation we  saw  the koalas, snakes and birds. The Crocodile area is small but the show was very impressive. The whole Nature park is very beautiful the kangaroos with their little Joey’s are jumping everywhere around.

About 4:00p. m. we got a lift from the Rainforeststation to the entrance of the Skyrail and we started our journey down. We went out on every stop and had a look around.  We bought the photo what they offered us when we started our journey with the Skyrail . It is a wonderful memory about a brilliant day with so many highlights. Our coach picked us up on time and took us back to the Cairns village resort.

We had a big long and interesting day! I recommend the Ultimate Kuranda Experience for all people who like to see as much as possible in one day. For everybody who has got more time I recommend two days in Kuranda. One for shopping and one for all the other activities.
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Kuranda Rail, Skyrail & Hartleys Crocodile Adventure

Value Day Tours

From $204.00 AUD