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Tropical Horizons-Waterfalls and Paronella Park

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Submitted by Ruby- Tropical Horizons – Waterfalls and Paronella Park

I did this tour on 12th June 2014. Upon collection the coach driver presented a lunch option to choose from – one main meal and also a desert option (best to advise at the time of making a reservation if a customer requires special dietary requirements).

First stop – Lake Barrine.  Here we had Devonshire Tea. After morning tea the Lake Barrine Boat tour. The idea of this tour is to learn about the flora and fauna. During this 45 minute cruise tour we saw – Pelicans, ducks, snakes and there were also a couple of snakes mating (see photos) and also turtles and eels.

Second stop – The curtain fig tree.

Third stop – Milla Milla Falls – here, people were swimming in the falls.

Fourth stop – Tarzali Lakes – Platypus spotting. Generally if it is raining the tour guide will give the passengers the option to stop and Platypus spot. The likelihood of seeing a Platypus on a rainy day is somewhat diminished but not impossible.

Fifth stop –Mungali Creek Bio dynamic Dairy – here we visited the dairy shop where a short presentation is given on the process of the milk, cheese and yoghurt. The presentation runs for approximately 10 minutes. A small tasting sample plate is provided for passengers at the end of the presentation.

Sixth Stop – Mungali Falls – This is where we stopped for lunch. The lunch was very filling. I chose the  vegetarian Quiche and also a Pavlova, strawberries and ice cream. Yum Yum!

Seventh stop – Paronella Park. I haven’t been to this park for over a decade and it looked just beautiful. Our group was taken on a fully guided tour of the park, with the guide explaining the history of each location around the park. The creek and water areas had an abundance of fish and turtles (literally climbing on top of each other) as well as a really nice rainforest walk which includes Kauri trees. After the guided walk passengers can roam freely for half an hour. Before leaving the park we had afternoon tea. A beverage of choice is offered as well as biscuits. After afternoon tea we commence on our 90 minute journey back to Cairns.

GPS (Activated Audio Commentary) is available on this tour and perfect for those passengers that don’t speak English. I found the GPS commentary to be very detailed and covered a lot of historical events. The coach driver also spoke at the same time to those passengers that weren’t listening to the GPS and his commentary although very informative was fairly quite current in information – best of both worlds!!

I would recommend this tour for everyone, but in oppose to other similar tours, this tour is additionally ideal for guest and customers that don’t like the long walks and is looking for something that flows at an easy soft pace. The passengers on the bus yesterday ranged from 29 – 75 age group. Passengers can take their own ear phones or purchase the ear phones on the bus for a small fee and they get to keep the ear phones after the tour.

The Tropical Horizons-Waterfalls and Paronella Park Tourreminded me of the diversity the Tablelands and then add Paronella

Park into the mix. There seems to be more visual wildlife in comparison to the Daintree/ CapeTribulation area.

In weather like today and yesterday, (rain and clouds) to take a raincoat or umbrella. Paronella Park provides umbrellas and although the walks are quite short, Tropical Horizons doesn’t provide umbrellas for this tour. It can be cold in the Tablelands, so a jumper is also recommended.

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