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Tusa Dive

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Travel review submitted by Glen – 3rd April 2014 – TUSA DIVE

Arrived at 7:30am at E Finger for the 7:40am check-in. Morning tea was provided with coffee, tea and large cookies also coffee and tea was provided all day just help yourself.

We headed off at 8am with everyone downstairs but the Japanese which were upstairs for the safety briefing which includes asking everyone to take their shoes off. During the brief there was mention of buying soft drinks and to write your name and what you have taken and pay for it at the end of the day which is called an honesty system. Sea sick table were also issued free of charge before leaving.

On the way out the Intro divers were gathered in their groups to fill out their medical forms while this was happening the snorkellers were getting their Lycra suits, shoes, snorkel and masks.

We arrived 90 minutes later at the Saxon reef area (greeted by a Turtle) where the divers and 2 groups out of 4 intro divers were also preparing to get off the boat first while they had a snorkel briefing upstairs which includes different hand signals if you needed help or if you are okay.

After the briefing all the snorkellers we headed off at the back of the Tusa dive boat to be greeted by staff members who put the guest fins on for them before getting into the water (and also taking them off when they got out). The crew also provided floatation noodles for the not so good swimmmers. With the other 2 groups of intro divers if they were snorkelling they had to keep an eye out for their number, which was written clearly on a metre by a metre board shown by a staff member on top of the boat where the intro diver of that group needed to come back in to get prepare for their dive. With the intro divers, the first part of the safety exercise was done on the side of the boat holding onto a metal bar in the horizon position. The exercises conducted were clearing water from inside mask, removing of the respirator and the ear adjustment before heading off for the 30 minute dive.

Lunch was served at 12.30pm. Provided was ham, roast beef, bread rolls and plenty of salad for the vegetarians. Only suggestion I could make is to label what the product was and what was in the product in case the guest had an allergy to something e.g. nuts. During lunch while being transported to our second tusa dive  location there were video reef presentations.

Before leaving the first site a head count was conducted as well as every diver, intro diver and snorkeller had to sign the register before leaving to our second location. The Second location was a better location for seeing different variations of reef and fish. Again before leaving the 2nd site a head count was conduct by staff with everyone on board signing the register sheet before heading back to Cairns.

Overall it was a great day out with Tusa Dive

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